The Minority Leader in Parliament, Haruna Iddirusu says the NDC MPs have confirmed that their petition to the Electoral Commission (EC) has finally been received.

This comes barely 24 hours after the MPs were involved in a scuffle with the police on their way to submit the petition to the election monitoring body on the results of the December 7, general elections.

A scuffle ensued between the police and some NDC legislators who were walking from Parliament House to the offices of the Electoral Commission, Tuesday.

Led by the Minority Leader in Parliament, Haruna Iddrisu and the Minority Chief Whip, Muntaka Mubarak, the legislators were prevented from going beyond a barricade around the Ridge Roundabout in Accra.

The MPs defied the orders of the police who said they were not aware of any walk by the Minority to the EC offices.

The party has been protesting the results of the December 7, elections claiming the EC did not execute a fair and fair election.

According to the NDC, its presidential candidate, former President John Mahama won the election but he was cheated thus their calls for auditing of the results.

Also, the party is alleging that some parliamentary seats it won have unjustifiably been handed to the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The Minority was prevented from going to the offices of the EC by the police after a lot of back and forth.

They read out their petition and called out for the leader of the police officer to take their petition and give it to the EC Chair, Jean Mensa.

No one came forward and the MPs left as the situation became heated with some members of the NDC leadership including the General Deputy Secretary Peter Otukunor joining them.

The Electoral Commission (EC) later said it was not properly notified about the Minority’s decision to present a petition at its headquarters.

It said a letter communicating the move was received rather too late as the top officials were not available at the time to see it through.

However, Mr Iddirisu has confirmed on Wednesday morning that their petition has been received by the EC.

Source: Joy News