Sensational songstress, Adina Thembi has urged upcoming musicians to have formal education before or while doing music else they will have nothing to fall back on if the music fails.

Speaking in an interview on Agyenkwa Extra, a sister station of Atinka FM, hosted by DJ B Ice, Adina bemaoned that some people turn to do music when they drop out of school with the perception that they can do music without education which is a false move.

She made it emphatically clear that, contrary to what most people believe, music is not for illiterates because as an artiste, you’ll need some form of formal education to do good music.

“You need to take music seriously. Music is not for those who are blockheads at school. I went to school. I completed SHS and went to Central University, completed and then decided to do music. I did not enter music with the perception that if my education does not go well, I will enter into music. When I was young, I knew I will do music so the school was a formality. I knew I wanted to get a degree at the University so that it will help me in my career,” she said.

“When you go to school, you become enlightened, it opens your mind, even rappers who may ask what they will gain from going to school when you go, they will teach you literature, poetry and the rest. The rap that you are doing is poems, you have to rhyme, so let us take the music seriously just as a doctor will take his wok serious because it is a whole industry on its own. We have different aspects of it so wherever you will find yourself, take it seriously.” she stated.

She also urged the upcoming artist to learn how to sing on stage, train their voices and others from YouTube and take part in reality shows to prepare them for the future.

Source: GHBASE