The young lady in the viral Valentine’s Day video which saw her running mad and acting funny after her boyfriend proposed to her has cleared the air on the issue.

Grace, who is the lady in question, has indicated that she did not run mad as was widely speculated per the video that was seen.

According to her, the video was just a skit that she planned with her friends and it went viral after they posted it on social media.

She revealed that she did not expect the video to spread so far and wide since she thought it was just a joke but was surprised by the reaction on social media.

Grace added that she was very healthy and was not in any way suffering from any mental health issue following the staged proposal. Some friends of Grace who were also in on the top-notch skit which got the whole world talking backed Grace’s claims and asked people not to take the content to heart.

In the video, a young man is seen on his knees asking the lady to marry him amid cheers from many people believed to be friends of the couple.

Amid cheers and shouts of “say yes, say yes”, the lady nodded in agreement and stretched her left hand while waiting for the ring to be placed on her finger.

In excitement, the lady was just fidgeting in the position, and she stood as she could not believe her eyes because she was taken by surprise over her boyfriend’s gesture.

Source: mynewsghana