The seven-member Supreme Court of Ghana panel hearing the 2020 presidential Election Petition has ruled against the petitioner’s application to reopen his case.

The decision by the court essentially indicates the highly held expectation that the Electoral Commissioner of Ghana, Madam Jean Mensa would be allowed to mount the witness box will not materialize.

The petitioner upon the election by the respondent to not give witness testimony sought the court’s order to compel the EC boss to mount the box.

The application was turned down and a subsequent application to reopen the case in order to administer a subpoena on her was filed.

The court after listening to arguments from both sides in the case has today, ruled against the reopening of the case.

Social media where a lot of commentaries have been shared on the ongoing petition has once again risen to the occasion.

Opinions on the ruling have become divided as some people are sharing their agreement with the court whiles others tend to disagree.

Read some reactions to the court’s ruling below:

Supreme Court I think should be interested in unraveling the truth behind the changing figures and other claims made. The legal gymnastics must end with a clear indication of justice and truth being upheld. I am failing to see this so far. #ElectionPetition— Karen’s Bae???????? (@SamuelOfosu) February 16, 2021

The NDC…and its legal team led by the venerable Tsatsu Tsikata have said the EC…the Supreme Court (Unanimous FC)…and now…the Media haven’t been fair to them. A wiseman once said…”If everyone is crazy…maybe you’re the one insane.”
#ElectionPetition— JOSH W£LT (@BoyKreamy) February 16, 2021

Now all NPP folks are law scholars oooo ????????????????
what happens to their high knowledge in law in 2013#ElectionPetition— Justice wet towel (@justicejwet) February 16, 2021

They say the public want E.C chairperson to testify, so the bench should make this happen by all means. The bench is there to serve the interest of the nation and the nation want Madam Jean Mensah to take the stand, why are they denying the request of the nation?#ElectionPetition— K????F???? (@love_4_sale) February 16, 2021

The Petitioners should have used the NPP approach in 2013 if they wanted to get Jean Mensah to testify #ElectionPetition— simon kwesi asare (@simonasare123) February 16, 2021

The worst Chief Justice we’ve had in the 4th Republic is Anin Yeboah. He’s been very poor on the job & history shall remember him for that. In any serious country, such a person wouldn’t go near the Supreme Court but we’ve made him a CJ leading a Unanimous FC. #ElectionPetition— EKOW DJAN (@EkowDjan_) February 16, 2021

One day, I’ll tell my children that this smart woman called Jean Mensah prepared Tea for her enemy without biscuits… ????????????#ElectionPetition / #SupremeCourtUpdate / Tsatsu Tsikata / Akoto Ampaw— Castin™ ???????? (@CastinBillz) February 8, 2021

So after 3 witnesses by John Mahama, Tsatsu tsikata still wants this woman to help them win their case against her own self? this is the biggest joke of the year.

#ElectionPetition— YOUNG POSITIVIST (@YPositivist) February 16, 2021

Even if the petitioner files that water is wet, Unanimous FC at the Supreme Court will still dismiss that claim.
Ah well! Similar happened in 2013 ???? #ElectionPetition— Highest Bryt ???????????? (@bright_aweh) February 16, 2021

Buh I don’t understand ooo. Why is that anytime John Mahama and his lawyers brings something new to the case ahhh dem they reject am? #ElectionPetition— NII SHUKURA (@niishukura) February 16, 2021

Jean Mensah once again.. ???????????? #ElectionPetition— Mr. Os ??????????? (@abochie_) February 16, 2021

Since this case started,
results so far
Akoto Ampaw 7 – 1 Tsatsu Tsikata.
Any objection Akoto Ampaw raises comes with heavy legal backing unlike Tsatsu the grammarian.#ElectionPetition you can call the Justices Unanimous FC, they are doing the right thing ????????????— Alonso (@richie_kwakujr) February 16, 2021

Unanimous fc with a great coach… Congratulations… Not even Barca 2009 squad can defeat this Team… Tsatsu Tsikata should just pack out… He has done his best… #ElectionPetition— FaFa ???????? (@kingyartz) February 16, 2021

Source: Ghanaweb