Head of Communication for the Jospong Group of Companies, Sophia Kudjordji has eulogized the Executive Chairman and Founder of the company, Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong, describing him as “a gift to the nation”.

According to her, the vision and passion of the leader is what has made the group what it is today, a household name.

To her, Dr. Agyapong’s speed in execution, daring nature in the face of risks and his overall love for Ghana is why the mission of the group is “improving the lives of people”.

On Y107.9FM’s Myd Morning Show hosted by Rev Erskine, Sophia passionately declared, “He does things which amaze me. His speed and passion is remarkable and when he believes in something, he gives his all to get it done. When he hits a wall, he always finds a way around it”.

As most Ghanaian ‘big men’ prefer to enjoy exotic vacations, Dr. Agyapong is said to hardly go on leave. “Even when he is on leave and there is an emergency that needs his attention, he will come back to get the work done. He is a gift to the country and we need to see that and give him the support to achieve what God has purposed for him”.

Sophia admitting that every human has her or his own flaws advised Ghanaians against bad mouthing the enterprising businessman but rather share in his vision for the nation. “If we keep badmouthing him, a day will come where we will say had I known”.

Regardless of Ghana not being at the level of honoring its achievers, Dr. Agyapong is said to be a great lover of God, “and you can only get the best from such a person”.

By: Joel Sanco