It can be very frustrating when a man wants to make love to his woman but she seems to be off all the time. This is usually a case of low libido and most times, the man has to do a lot of foreplay to be able to get the woman aroused. In some cases, that is even to no avail.

Learned and experienced pleasure massage therapist, Ransford Afari, has briefed on some causes of low libido in women and how a man can solve this without having to waste lots of money buying drugs for his woman.

Speaking with Adwen the Love Doctor on eTV Ghana’s adult show “In Bed with Adwen”, he mentioned that, “When women have low libido, they do not experience pleasure in bed. Stress is one of the major causes of this problem and even pain.

Nowadays, women work hard just like men so if you know what your woman goes through throughout the week, you’ll realize that all the stress and hormonal imbalance somehow rid her of happiness and she tends to have on a straight face every time”.

Per this, he noted that a massage is needed to destress her body and boost her immune system so that her cardiovascular and endocrine system can work properly and ensure the free flow of blood to all parts of her body.

According to Ransford, when blood is flowing freely through the body, that means oxygen is also travelling well through the system and this causes the body to be sensitive to touch, hence making foreplay easy.

“Massaging is foreplay in itself because as you destress her body to enable blood to flow freely, it will, in turn, boost her hormones and cause her to be sensitive to touch so in no time, she will be wet and ready for easy penetration”, the massage therapist concluded.

Source: etvghana