Highlife musician has had a time of it with the media, with the issues in his personal life often taking precedence over his music.

From his marital woes which include his two divorces to his alleged drug use and relationships with other celebrities, Kwabena Kwabena’s life has been fodder for the media and the public.

That has in some ways affected him because his recently released songs have not gotten as much mileage as he would have wanted.

This is obviously something Kwabena Kwabena is not happy with and that is why he has pleaded with Ghanaians to separate the personal lives of artistes from their careers.  

According to the Aso hitmaker, it is unfair to rubbish the hard work of a musician who happens to be in the news for the wrong reasons.

“Artistes like Itz Tiffany, Raquel, Wisa Greid are very talented but they are nowhere to be found because their nudity was exposed.

“It is sad that these talents are going to waste and nothing is being done about it. I was almost affected by the negative stories circulating about me and had I not been strong, my career would have hit the rocks long ago.
“What happens to the nice songs that artiste was churning out? It is about time we forgot any bad thing an artiste has been involved in and enjoy his or her works. Once we are human beings we will definitely fall along the way,” he told Graphic Showbiz recently.

Known for songs such as Bue Kwan, Tuamudaa, Obaa, Meye, Engya Mi Ho, Tokro, Dadee Anoma, Seventeen and Kyere Wo Do, Kwabena Kwabena is out with a new single Kwadede off his Famesaa album scheduled to be released this month.

“Finally, the album is ready and the songs on it are powerful. It is actually a project I started five years ago to produce albums that will last forever and Ghanaians will soon know what has kept me busy all this while,” he said.

Source: Ghana Showbiz