International sports (from America, Europe, Asia, etc.) have one of the creative industry binding Africa to the rest of the world, but what gets enough concern is that all those sports Africans participate in international tournaments are developed in other continents for qualified participants in respective African countries to foremost learn and compete for trophy. The consequence makes little sense with the continued dependency of international sports giving the period to acquire knowledge and understanding of the sports and reaching the level of competency to win trophy. The football, American soccer, rugby and cricket have enormous following overseas in relation to field sports, but with the launched of Ghana’s Chaskele Sports as equally being field sports the disparity in sports winning culture associated with sports development and advanced knowledge may remain in Ghana and other African nation’s advantage, thanks to the Cultural Games Association (CGA) commitments to the ongoing Ghana quest for a coordinated efforts directed towards traditional games and sports development across the African continent.

Clearly, the Chaskele Sports creation achieved by the Cultural Games Association and most importantly being played as a field sports remains the highest link in Ghana’s praiseworthy indigenous sports development. It is undisputable fact that, the Ghana’s Chaskele game (now observed as complete sports) has been in existence prior to Ghana becoming the first African country to attain independence in March 1957, when the equipment used for the game were deemed very colonial, and had no official rules to govern the game but participants interests were exceptional. Today’s Chaskele Sports made in Ghana for international participations follows scoring presentation that is reasonably similar to the famous cricket India and Pakistan remain brilliantly at top in the global ranking. Where both the Cricket and the Chaskele differ is in the rules, players positions on field, the athletes involvement that make the Chaskele Sports completely unique in outstanding creativity in the sports industry.

But all the transformations and processes for Ghana’s traditional sports product are necessary development with the potential to bind individual countries. With the Commonwealth and Olympic Games not featuring an African game, the uniqueness in the Chaskele Sports will let the Cultural Games Association’s sports made in Ghana experience these two maintained sports festival and it will further enhance the global interrelatedness.


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