Sefa has caused a stir on social media after she shared a video of herself jamming to her yet-to-be-released song in a very sensual manner.

Essentially, she lifted her shirt to reveal her belly button which seemed pieced. That’s the point that garnered attention as netizens popped up one by one to express their opinion about her mannerism.

S3fa recently said she does not condone men who try to take advantage of her in the name of offering any form of help to her.

Obviously aware of the sexual harassment pervading the industry, the first lady of D-Black’s Black Avenue Muzik said she does cheapen herself to that extent where a man would trade sex for a favour.

She told Amansan Krakye on Kastle FM that she is in the industry to do good music and because she’s very ambitious, there’s no room for such inconveniences in her life.

“I’m just a hardworking person not too concentrated on what this person is saying okay you’re beautiful so I want to sleep with you and other things.”

“I don’t entertain such things because I’m just here to put out good music and let people in Ghana and beyond enjoy good music that’s all.”

She continued, “I’m a very ambitious woman who is eager to showcase my talent and I feel that if you want to help me, help me because of my talent.

Source: Myrepubliconline

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