The new change should impact how offside calls are given, looking to improve the current system adopted in the Premier League

The Premier League is set to make further changes to implement offside rule and use of Video Assistant Referee. That’s because, according to The Times website, the league is set to adopt the new semi-automated offside system going into next season.

Nine teams have already gotten the infrastructure for the implementation of the rule, though the vote on whether this will go through is set to take place after the World Cup. While there is yet to be an outcome for the vote, there is an expectation that it will be passed, with the offside change seen as an improvement on the current rule.

As of now though, officials are drawing lines for players to demonstrate who is offside or onside in one phase of play when doing any given check. The manual drawing of these positions has seen plenty of criticism, especially in very marginal offside calls.

However, the new semi-automated system looks to use artificial intelligence and ball tracking to try and create a quicker and more accurate depiction of the offside rule. It is currently being used in the Champions League, with a live graphic showing how close the offside is with a 3D model for better clarity over a static photo of a passage of play and some lines drawn between players.

The use of tracking cameras in the stadium makes the system able to follow where the ball and all the players are at any given moment. The reason it isn’t fully automated is because the rule states that a player has to be interfering with play, something that comes down to interpretation from match officials over a computer.

The report states that Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United, Brighton, Southampton and Nottingham Forest all have the infrastructure ready for implementation. It should see a much quicker use of VAR and offside calls, while making sure they are fully accurate and displayed well to those viewing the game.

Source: Football London Website

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