The founder and lead trainer of the Charles Quartey Boxing Gym, Charles Quartey, says the De-Luxy Professional Boxing League is bedevilled with many issues which can affect the competition if not addressed.

He, for instance, criticised the pairings and questioned whether non-title boxers should fight those with titles.

“If you examine what is being done, in the long run our prime boxers are going to fall short because if a boxer of such calibre with a title is made to fight someone with no record at all, how will he be rated internationally and in the records?”, he asked during an exclusive interview with Graphic Sports in Accra last Tuesday.

Mr Quartey, whose boxers feature prominently in the league, was also unhappy about the lack of boxing promotions and the staging of big professional fights in the country due to the league.

“As you can see, there has been little or no promotion because of the league and boxing promotion is also on the decline; it is a problem,” he noted.

He also condemned officiating, adding that there are other pertinent problems bedevilling the league which need to be tackled immediately to save the competition.

“We must look at how this league is organised again and review how well it must be organised for the benefit of all,” he stressed.

He revealed that the Boxing Coaches Association and other stakeholders in the sport held a meeting last Tuesday to deliberate on the various issues and how best to resolve them.

He hinted that a communique would be issued on the way forward for the professional aspect of the sport in the coming days.

Source: Graphic Online

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