It was reported in the news last week that the Christian Council (the “Council”) went to some illegal mining sites on a fact-finding mission. According to the reports from trusted sources, pastors who embarked on the exercise sang songs about commitment to true nation-building in one of the communities.

Having done this, they further advised and warned those involved in the ‘galamsey’ to stop and called on citizens to vote out any political party/person that supports the illegal activity. To crown it all, they prayed for the nation.

As usual, a section of the population is at it again on their baseless fault-finding mission, subjecting the pastors to verbal attacks and heavy criticisms only because they offered to pray for the nation as part of their tour. Some retorted, “this one too do we need prayers?”, “Is Satan here too?”, “Can’t they do anything other than pray?” et cetera.

Some people are always quick to criticise ‘men of God’ in whatever they do. Sadly, professing Christians are the forerunners.  When a national issue comes up, some people expect the Council to contribute to the advocacy. They insult and call them names when they are silent.

Yet, when the silence is broken and the Council throws their weight behind the advocacy in a manner within their capacity and station of life, some people are still not content. What do these people really want from them? What are their motives? Is it to denigrate their integrity at all costs? Or do they just hate the idea of church and Christianity? Or is it for cheap popularity?

The Council visited the galamsey sites to have first-hand information as far as the menace of galamsey is concerned and, as is customary in Christian gatherings, prayers were said. Why report stories as if the main reason the Council went there was to pray for God’s intervention? Some people pray in the exam room before they write their exam – does that mean they went to the exam room to pray?

Do you go to the hospital when you are ill or do you visit the Ministry of Tourism for healing? Reasonable minds have one answer because it is only the hospital that can provide the care you need at that moment. A person cannot offer what he does not have. It is for the police to arrest people involved in galamsey. It is for the State acting through the Attorney General to prosecute.

It is for the President and the powers that be to exercise their powers to bring galamsey to an end. Men of God do not do any of these. They are not in the position to. They do what they can, given their circumstances, which include praying, joining advocacy groups, informing decision-makers of God’s viewpoint on the matter, and encouraging individuals to do everything in their power to put an end to the threat, including voting out leaders involved in galamsey.

They did all these during their meeting at the site. The Council will have a press conference soon to continue with their advocacy. Do you know what is interesting? The family members of some of the people who are against the Council’s actions may be involved in galamsey yet they are silent about it. What a sheer display of hypocrisy! They cannot tell their own parents or friends or family members the truth.

Men of God are not beyond criticism but it is certainly not right to criticise when none exists as I have always pointed out. The world is full of so many people who are ready to pull down the kingdom of God through whatever means.

It is also full of people who ride on the back of anything for cheap popularity. If you are a professing Christian, do not be too quick to join them. Be guided.

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