American singer Jordin Sparks spoke to TV3’s Berla Mundi in her home in Pasadena, USA. Her first American Idol audition was a miss, but she didn’t give up. Jordin Sparks expressed how believing that a no from the judges did not mean she could never sing brought a much bigger win.

Jordin Sparks auditioned for season 6 of American Idol at 16 years and became one of the youngest contestants to make it to the top 24. She then advanced to the top 12 after standout performances, earning praise from the judges and audience. She continued to impress and eventually won the competition, becoming the youngest winner in the show’s history – till now. Sparks’ journey on American Idol launched her successful career in the music industry.

But she was denied when she went for her first American Idol audition.

“Obviously, I wanted to make it, but I wasn’t disappointed to the fact that I thought I was never going to sing or anything like that. I was the youngest you could be at that time to audition. So I was like, I can get to audition next year. So I’m going to keep signing,” she told Berla Mundi.

Speaking further on alignment and working with Alicia Keys, Jordan Sparks said, ” …The timing must always be right. That is one thing I believe in. What’s meant for me will never miss me, and timing is everything. So if it wasn’t supposed to happen then, it’s going to happen now.”

After winning American Idol in 2007, Jordin Sparks released her debut album, a Grammy nomination. She has since released several more albums, starred in films, and appeared on television shows.

Outside of her entertainment career, Jordin Sparks is a philanthropist and has supported various charitable organizations, including the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America and the Red Cross.

In 2017, Sparks married Dana Isaiah, and the couple has a son together.

Source: 3news

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