Comedian and actor Funny Face has revealed that his battle with depression months back were because of his children and not because of his ex-wife’s big buttocks.

Speaking on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, he explained that after he was separated from his kids, he went out of control because of his immense love for them.

“Buttocks didn’t take me through depression, the love of my children took me to depression. I was so crazy about my daughters to the extent that when they were crawling when they fall and cry I cry too,” Funny Face explained.

He told the host Andy Dosty that “naturally I am an emotional person and I love people’s kids deeply, so, how much my own? So, when they were no more with me I couldn’t take it, I lost it. Their toys are in the room and when I see (them), my triggers go level 10, it was that bad.”

Funny Face admitted that spending time in the psychiatric hospital helped him heal. He added that he was informed his mental health could easily be better if he learned to control his emotions.

“When I went to the psychiatric hospital and they told me ‘you do not have a problem, yours is your emotions. When you get a grasp of your emotions you are okay. Your kids, everybody knows you do everything for them, so currently start working on yourself, focus on your mental health’.”

Funny Face advised people against putting so much of their trust and emotions in others, explaining that people can be shaken

“Never ever put your trust in humans or anything. Make God your focus or centre, when you put your trust in humans and the person is no more there or the human disappoints you it will be difficult to bounce back.”

“Now I am emotionally intelligent, I control my emotions about them (my children). First, I couldn’t control it, my emotions were all over the place,” Funny Face added.

Popular Ghanaian comic actor and comedian Funny Face in the latter days of 2021 and the early days of 2022 had a rough time after he went through severe depression that ended him up at the psychiatric hospital.

Source: Pulsegh

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