Ghanaian singer cum entrepreneur, Mzbel has revealed her reason for wanting to become a mother again.

Appearing as a guest on United Showbiz on UTV, the singer disclosed that a lot of Ghanaians thought she was unable to conceive a child even though, she has a son.

Mzbel, whose son is known as Adepa stated that rumours had it he was an adopted child, adding that anytime her child goes to school and tells his teachers that his mother is Mzbel , they doubt him and always said he was adopted.

“Even Adepa, at some point I saw a comment and they said he is not my child and that I adopted him. He also told me some time ago that when he goes to school and he tells people his mother is Mzbel , they do not believe him but tell him he is adopted”, she said.

The singer blamed such claims by people on the fact that she used to adopt and take care of children whose parents were unable.

“There was a time I use to adopt children and cater for them, and anytime I go for interviews, they bring up the children I have adopted but it wasn’t legal adoption. They were mostly children whose parents could not afford to cater for them. So, a lot of people had it in mind that, it either I was unable to become a mother that was why I was adopting these kids”, she explained.

Looking at all the rumors which were circulating about her, the singer said she decided to give birth to let Ghanaians know that she is capable of bringing forth a child.

She explained that: “Looking at the things I have been through in life and how people are always talking about me adopting kids I decided to have my child and it doesn’t matter how old I am. So, I made preparations for it and it truly came. I also got the gender I was looking for. I was excited and it was the reason I was ranting on social media that this is my own child and not an adopted one”.

Source: Ghanaweb

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