The Cruise People Limited, an event organizing company, has taken legal action against popular musician Black Sherif, citing breach of contract.

The lawsuit, filed at the High Court, alleges that the musician failed to fulfill the terms of their agreement, ultimately resulting in the cancellation of the highly anticipated Afro Cruise Jam concert, which was originally scheduled for August.

According to the plaintiff, Cruise People Limited, they had booked Black Sherif for the cruise event and paid half of his booking fee, amounting to $20,000. As part of the agreement, the ‘Second Sermon’ hitmaker was expected to create a video confirming his participation in the concert in Greece.

The lawsuit claims that despite assurances from Black Sherif that he would send the required video ahead of the media launch on May 19, he failed to do so. Consequently, Cruise People Limited had already paid $18,000 to secure cabins on the cruise ship and an additional GH₵65,000 to Joy FM for the event’s launch on Drive Time.

Due to Black Sherif’s failure to confirm his musical performance through the video clip, the plaintiff contends that the cruise line cancelled the booking of the cabins, resulting in the loss of the paid deposit of $18,000. Cruise People Limited argues that Black Sherif was fully aware that his confirmation was crucial for the success of the event, as the patronage and interests were largely dependent on his announcement of availability to perform.

Cruise People Limited asserts that Black Sherif’s actions amount to a serious breach of the agreement they entered into on April 18, 2023, rendering the entire contract void.

Seeking appropriate redress, the Afro Cruise Jam organizers are requesting the court to direct Black Sherif to refund the $20,000 booking fee he received and to compensate the company with $18,000 for the lost cabin reservations on the cruise ship. Additionally, they are seeking interest on the $20,000 from April 18, 2023, until the date of full payment, as well as $50,000 to cover the lost profits resulting from Black Sherif’s breach of contract.

Furthermore, Cruise People Limited is pursuing an order for the musician to reimburse the GH₵65,000 paid to the Multimedia Group for the sole purpose of advertising the video clip that Black Sherif ultimately failed to provide. In addition to general damages for breach of contract, the company is seeking compensation for the legal costs incurred throughout the legal process

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