Legendary Gospel musician, Rev. Sarpong McAbraham, said that the royalties he received from international sources were 40 times greater than what Ghana gave him.

In an interview on Akoma FM, he disclosed how little the royalties from Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) were. For him, the amount received was not enough to cater for his children who were in university at the time.

“Does GHAMRO give royalties? I don’t know but I think they give once a year. I don’t remember ever getting GH¢3000 a year. At the time, I had about 3 or 4 children in the university. GH¢3000 was not enough to take care of them. Don’t make us talk about GHAMRO or royalties because, in Ghana, it doesn’t work,” he indicated.

According to the reverend minister, the royalties he received were 40 times bigger than that of Ghana. 

“The ones received from other countries are 40 times bigger than that of Ghana. It has never reached GH¢3000. With all these songs I’m talking about, with all the popularity you know that I have, I have never received GH¢3000 a year,” he mentioned. 

He continued, “They know they are not doing things right. They know. If they do it well, it will help us. We’ve been to several countries and we are tired. Things are going on well. Some of the places I go, I get 40 times more than Ghana gives me in a year.”

The veteran gospel musician also shared an experience where someone from the US assumed that he was enjoying some good money because of the number of albums he had on the market.

“I have a recording studio. Someone from the United States came over to record at my end and was told I had about 12 albums to my credit. Automatically, he assumed I had money but I told him that the studio I was running was by the grace of God and not money. He was surprised because he said he had only one album but it was his royalties that were taking care of him. I told him that things are different in Ghana compared to their end,” he shared.

When asked what the stakeholders in question could do to solve the situation, this is what he had to say.

“I don’t know. We saw the system employed abroad and wanted to do the same. We have a lot of wise people in Ghana. In copying their style, we tried but it didn’t work. It’s not a big deal. So here, if God gives you a gift, use it to work and give Him praise but if you say you’ll rely on royalties and fight for it in the future, you end up dying and leaving the fight.”

Source: 3News

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