Popular disc jockey, Andy Dosty has shared how he almost butchered a colleague of his back in secondary school in a disturbing incident from his past.

The Hitz FM Presenter’s revelation was part of a conversation centred around the violent bullying episode that has recently rocked Adisadel College in Cape Coast between two final-year students in Quaque House.

The incident also led to the outright dismissal of the student who attacked his colleague and severe punishment from all involved in the scuffle who failed to report the matter.

During the show, Andy Dosty confessed that he had once engaged in a violent altercation that could have resulted in a tragedy.

The incident occurred when he was a student at Prempeh College, and he expressed deep remorse over his actions.

He recalled a moment when he nearly took the life of a fellow student, Obeng Asare, during a dispute while weeding.

“I’m a culprit. I nearly killed someone,” he revealed “I was this close to taking the life of a colleague. We were asked to weed. I had gone to weed. After weeding, my dormitory was upstairs so I had climbed and I saw one of our colleagues coming up.”

Andy shared how he attempted to playfully knock a pail off Obeng’s head using a machete, but tragically struck his forehead instead.

“He had also finished weeding and was going to take his shower. He had put the pail we use to scoop the water on his head, so, I used the machete and wanted to hit the pail off his head and the thing landed right on his forehead,”  he shared.

Andy Dosty whose emotions were evident as he relived the incident, acknowledged the gravity of his actions.

He further narrated, “How stupid, how foolish I was; I don’t know what was going through my mind,” the disc jockey recalled. “As he landed on the ground, he hid his forehead in his palm, and he raised his head and it was like a tap that had been opened and blood was oozing like that. I was like ‘Jesus!’”

The repercussions of the violent encounter were severe, and the veteran radio presenter revealed that he was severely punished for his actions.

The victim, Obeng Asare, had to undergo surgery due to the seriousness of the injury inflicted.

Andy’s recent encounter with the victim confirmed that a mark remained, but he noted that surgery had been performed to address the visible injury.

“When students go to school, they do a lot of wrongs, they make a lot of mistakes. I get worried when I hear stuff like this because as I said, I’m a culprit,” Andy expressed.

Source: 3news

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