Black Sherif is driving social media crazy upon the release of his latest EP titled, ‘Take Care Of Yourself’ which has left fans abuzz over his talent and style.

The EP which was released on Thursday, August 10, 2023, is made up of two impressive tracks, ‘Yaya’ and ‘Simmer Down’ that highlight the Ghanaian artiste’s sensational musical qualities, having none of the songs being featured.

The project showcases the development of the 21-year-old award-winning singer as he overcomes challenges faced on the tough streets of fame while remaining loyal to himself.

Just like ‘Kwaku The Traveller’ and ‘Soja’, his ‘Take Care of Yourself, Blacko’ EP has become an instant hit as fans are excited and rated it as another masterpiece.

“Herh! Masa creativity paaaa nie. As3 Jesus film. Bro, this is the Grammy standard!” a tweet wrote and another added that “What makes Black Sherif unique, special, different and above all the BEST. YAYA KK”.

“Let me clean my speakers cause Blacko no dey disappoint” @Korsogyimi tweeted after seeing the post on Blacko’s page whilst @Kwesi_Brandel indicated that “Are you kidding me?!!!!!!! No one!! Absolutely no one in the Ghanaian music space does it better than BLACKO!!! No one!!!!! Look at the roll out?? The timing! Branding!! BLACKO is LEARNING and I’m here for it!!!!”

Moving on, another social media user opined that “There’s a certain magic to his craft. His storytelling reaches its pinnacle, instantly striking a chord when you stumble upon it. You don’t have to be his absolute biggest fan, but in some way or another, his work will undeniably get under your skin. Keep sailing ahead, Yaya KK.”

The comments go on and on as fans are super excited that the ‘First Sermon’ hit maker is out with a 2-track EP which exudes melodious tunes and amazing lyrics.

Indeed there were some hate comments but why focus on the negative when positivity is the go-to?

Source: 3news

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