Legon Cities FC, in response to the recent circulation of distressing images of their goalkeeper, William Essu, on various social media platforms and discussions in traditional media, has issued a plea to the media and the general public.

The club urged all concerned parties to exercise caution and sensitivity in reporting on Essu’s health, emphasizing that every possible effort is being made to address the player’s current situation.

This statement from Legon Cities FC comes in the wake of widespread concern and sympathy generated by the images depicting Essu’s deteriorating health condition. The young goalkeeper, who was part of Ghana’s U-23 national team, has been facing a challenging health battle, which has prompted calls for assistance and support from the football community and beyond.

The club’s appeal serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible and considerate reporting, particularly when it concerns sensitive matters like the health and well-being of individuals.

Legon Cities FC’s statement underscores their commitment to assisting William Essu during this difficult period.

Source: Ghana Soccernet

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