It appears Shatta Wale has more concerns about the current government as he has expressed displeasure about their dealings.

After lambasting President Akufo-Addo’s daughter for allegedly allocating the Accra Sports Stadium to Stonebwoy to hold his BHIM Concert at the detriment of his, Shatta has roped in her 79-year-old father.

In a bid to chastise the president’s daughter and labeling her decision as foolish, Shatta said this government is noted for forcing bad decisions down the throat of Ghanaians.

This according to him, has enabled the recent trend of coup d’états in francophone African countries.

Shatta said in Pidgin English that Ghana is no exception to countries that are struggling as a result of poor and primitive decisions made by ‘old men’ presidents.

“I keep hearing some president’s daughter, some president’s daughter. I’m very sure that it’s the FIFA president they are talking about. Because if it’s the daughter of Akufo-Addo they are talking about, then it’s a foolish decision her made. it’s a foolish decision! You think say what? We dey fear somebody ein face? If she dey sit my front saf, I go fit tell am say ibi foolish decision she made. Ibi very foolish decision.

“Foolish country! Check all the French countries, dem dey do coup. Demma president no no anything. Old men, dem no even know how to use iPhone 12. Old men! The French people have seen that old men cannot rule us. Old men cannot rule us! No! right now ibi the military wey dem dey wake up. Aboa! We dey sit country wey some nonsense go fit go on. Only primitive decisions because they think we are kids. Herh Mr. President, nobody is a child. You can’t treat us like children,” he fumed on Facebook live.


Shatta’s rants are in reaction to controversies and the alleged unfair treatment meted out to Shatta Wale in booking the Accra Sports Stadium for his December concert.

Earlier on Wednesday,

Shatta Wale bemoaned what he described as the unjust allocation of the stadium to Stonebwoy for his BHIM Concert although he was the first to announce his Freedom Wave Concert which is usually held at that particular venue.

In a Facebook live expressing utmost range, Shatta accused Stonebwoy of sabotage, and the deliberate scheduling of his annual BHIM Concert at the same venue and around the same time as his Freedom Wave Festival.

 Watch the video below:

Source: Ghanaweb

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