After 53 years, ace American gospel musician, Kirk Franklin realized the man he thought was his biological father is not his father.

He just found out who his real dad was and his mother is still lying about it and insisting that’s not his father even after 2 DNA tests showed 99.999% match.

According to the Singer, he went to a burial in the neighborhood where he grew up. One thing led to the other and the man just mentioned that he dated Derby (Kirk Franklin’s mum) briefly.

That’s how the gossips started spreading and the man willingly accepted for a DNA test and brought his sample for it to be done. It showed 99.9%.

Franklin confronted his mum, who lied and cried and insisted for another test to be done.

Second test was done, it showed 99.9% and she still said it’s not true.

According to Kirk in a documentary released dubbed “Father’s Day”, he didn’t receive the love and care a child must have not knowing the man he was calling ‘daddy’ wasn’t his actual father. He went on to add that he rarely even saw his own mother.

How it started?

When the Grammy winner, 53, began working on the LP back in March, he couldn’t have predicted that the journey would be as transformative as it’s been. For the first time in his career, he was documenting the process of creating the personal album and one month after recording the first song, he explained to PEOPLE, “Everything shifted and became something I could have never planned for.”

At a family member’s funeral, a man named Rick Hubbard approached the family of Franklin’s childhood friend and stated that he dated the producer’s biological mother, Debra, as a teenager. This marked the beginning of the Hello Fear artiste discovering who his biological father is. It was confirmed twice through paternity tests that Hubbard is Franklin’s father.

Who is Kirk Franklin’s biological father?

However, Kirk Franklin’s new found biological father is called Rick Hubbert and a reunion has already been set to place after Kirk visited his home which is 10 minutes away from his mother’s place.

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