When Chris Hughton was appointed as the head coach of the Ghana Black Stars, the anticipation was palpable. With an illustrious English Premier League background and a wealth of experience, hopes were high for a revival of Ghana’s footballing fortunes.

However, nearly six months into his tenure, it’s evident that the initial enthusiasm has given way to disillusionment. Here are five convincing reasons Chris Hughton’s appointment as the Ghana Black Stars coach is turning into a profound disappointment for the nation.

Formation Frustration: For a coach with a rich English Premier League experience, the inability to settle on a consistent starting formation is baffling. The team lacks a discernible shape of play, and the failure to blend experienced players with promising youth prospects is concerning. Inconsistency on the field has become the hallmark of Hughton’s tenure.

Lack of Confidence-Building: Hughton’s press conferences have done little to boost confidence. His refusal to set ambitious goals, like winning the African Cup of Nations (AFCON), and instead focusing on “performing well” is disheartening for a nation that has long craved AFCON glory. Ghanaians were yearning for a coach who would instil belief, not temper expectations.


Defensive Dissonance: Ghana is synonymous with expansive and vibrant football. Hughton’s overly defensive mindset contradicts the nation’s footballing traditions, leaving fans disenchanted with a brand of football that’s far removed from the exciting Ghanaian style they’ve come to love.

Struggling Against Top Teams: Perhaps one of the most glaring issues is the team’s inability to conquer higher-ranked opponents. Despite Hughton’s extensive experience, the Black Stars have faltered against top-tier teams, casting doubt on the effectiveness of his tactics and strategies. The frustration is palpable as Ghana continues to struggle in the face of formidable adversaries.


Decline in Fan Support and Enthusiasm: While stars like Kudus and other renowned names still attract fans to Ghana’s home games, the excitement around Hughton and his backroom staff is dwindling. A style of play perceived as uninspiring and a coach seemingly reluctant to assert himself have contributed to declining fan support. The passion for the Black Stars seems to be fading, which is disheartening for a football-loving nation.


In conclusion, Chris Hughton’s appointment as the Ghana Black Stars coach is turning into a disappointment due to his struggles with formation, lack of confidence-building, overly defensive style, difficulties against top teams, and declining fan support.

The hopes that accompanied his appointment are waning, and to rekindle the nation’s footballing fervour, Hughton will need to address these issues promptly and inject a renewed sense of purpose and excitement into the Black Stars.

Source: Citi Newsroom

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