Controversial entertainment pundit, Sally Mann, had an encounter with popular gospel musician, Diana Hamilton , about the kind of songs produced by the musician in recent times.

Sally Mann stated that some of the songs released by Diana Asamoah in recent times are quite similar and do not have any exceptional attributes compared to her songs in the past.

She slammed Diana Hamiton for being complacent and not putting in much effort to produce songs that differ in their composition and carry a varied message.

In responding to Sally Mann’s claims, Diana Hamilton noted that she pays keen attention to the composition of her songs before they are released and prioritizes the impact the song would make in the lives of the people.

During an interview on Power FM entertainment show monitored by GhanaWeb, Sally Mann called on Diana Hamilton to do better in the production of her songs.

This is what Sally Mann said that sparked the controversy: “Some of the songs are normal and I blame you[Diana Hamiton] for making me feel it’s a normal song. Why am I saying that? She came into this industry and suddenly she blew up and became popular. Her English, dressing and stage performance were on point. She placed herself at a certain level that made people have high expectations for her.

“But I see similarities in three songs of hers and a lot of people share in my sentiments. For instance, in Piesie Esther’s three consecutive songs she released, there were different sounds which made them unique. Empress Adorye too does the same. With you I don’t see it to be so, I think you are becoming complacent because you have established yourself already,” she said.

Diana Hamilton then responded, “I always listen to my song thoroughly before it is released. Afterwards, I ask God to give me inspiration for a new song. My meditations are also a source for some of my songs. In writing songs, I consider whether people are being blessed by the song. Will everybody love it? Is the message the same? So maybe you have been listening to some of my songs and think so.”

Source: Ghanaweb

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