It is the hope of Ghanaians that their very own, Afua Asantewaa Aduonum will break the record of the longest singing marathon by an individual which is curently held by Sunil Waghmare on Thursday.

However, why many Ghanaians are solidly rooting for Afua to make Ghana proud, it appears not much attention has been given to Sunil Waghmare, the current Guinness World record holder for the longest singing marathon.

According to official report by Guinness World Record, the longest singing marathon by an individual lasted 105 hours and was achieved by Sunil Waghmare (India) in Nagpur, India, from March 3-7 2012.

The record attempt started at 11.06 am on March 3, with a variety of popular Indian songs being sung. No song was repeated within a 4 hour period. The attempt ended on the evening of March 7after which Mr Waghmare joined in with a sing song with his supporters.

Afua aims to sing for more than 117 hours to break Waghmare’s record.

Source: graphic online

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