In today’s dynamic financial landscape where borders are increasingly blurred and customer demands transcend local confines, only institutions with a forward-thinking global perspective can truly thrive. Fidelity Bank, Ghana’s foremost privately-owned bank, exemplifies this ethos, consistently surpassing local standard while making its mark on the global stage.

Seamless banking solutions for a connected world


At the heart of Fidelity’s commitment to global reach lies its mobile banking application, dubbed the Fidelity Mobile App which serves as a ubiquitous companion accessible anywhere, anytime from any smart phone or device. This user-friendly platform defies geographical constraints, allowing secure transactions and payments across borders. Whether managing accounts, transferring funds internationally or leveraging self-registration, the app empowers customers with unparalleled control over their finances, no matter their location – making it a trusted companion for the global citizen. The Fidelity Mobile App has consistently ranked among the top 2 banking apps in Ghana, and is often ranked among the top 10 most-used and loved apps in Ghana. The app enjoys widespread usage among Ghanaians in the diaspora as it enables extreme ease and convenience of transactions.

Platinum access, global reach

But Fidelity’s ambition extends beyond mere accessibility. For those seeking added convenience and prestige, the Visa Platinum Debit Card unlocks a world of possibilities. Imagine traversing continents with one card, available in multi-currency options – USD, GBP, EUR, enjoying over 200 exclusive visa offers, including international concierge services, travel insurance and lounge access. Indeed, it empowers globe-trotters to explore with confidence.

More than just convenience, this platinum card also symbolises trust and global success, as evidenced by Team Wanderlust’s remarkable feat last year. Mr. Saka, a Prestige customer of Fidelity Bank, was part of a team of 13 Ghanaian adventurers who captured the imagination of the world with an epic 16-day cross-continental journey from Accra to Ashford, London, in August 2023. Fuelled by the card’s global acceptance and accessibility, their mission to raise funds for education in Ghana’s marginalised areas transcended borders, proving the card’s ability to connect and facilitate transactions across diverse landscapes and cementing its reputation as a facilitator of global aspirations.

Beyond transactions: A commitment to global best practices

Fidelity recognises that true global relevance encompasses more than financial services alone. With a steadfast commitment to cyber-security, the bank ensures the utmost protection of customer data, irrespective of location. This dedication to safeguarding information instils confidence in customers, fostering trust on a global scale.

Sustainability – A global imperative

However, Fidelity’s impacts extend beyond financial excellence, encompassing a dedication to environmental and social responsibility. The bank champions sustainability, aligning its operations with global standards. A fully-staffed department drives initiatives in sustainable finance, operations and charitable initiatives aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 5, 8, 12 and 13.

From waste reduction and carbon emission mitigation to community development and responsible consumption, Fidelity recognises its role in shaping a sustainable future for all, a commitment that resonates on a global scale. In 2023, the department’s efforts resulted in a 1.5-tonne reduction in paper waste, a carbon emission reduction of 998 CO2 and 700 seedlings distributed for afforestation.

A future without boundaries

As Fidelity Bank continues to evolve and expand its global footprint, its unwavering dedication to exceeding expectations and empowering customers remains steadfast. By embracing innovation and embracing opportunities, Fidelity is poised to unite communities worldwide, one transaction and one initiative at a time.

Source: B&FT online

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